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In rural Australia, a 76 per cent reduction in the free roaming rural dog population failed to drastically reduce their population, and the number of free-roaming dogs returned to their pre-cull level within a year Beck It is not difficult to understand why killing does not help in reducing stray-dog populations. The Guidelines clearly state:. Each habitat has a specific carrying capacity for each species. This specific carrying capacity essentially depends on the availability, quality and distribution of the resources shelter, food, water for the species concerned.

The density of population for higher vertebrates including dogs is almost always near the carrying capacity of the environment. Any reduction in the population density through additional mortality is rapidly compensated by better reproduction and survival. The argument that such a situation will not arise if all stray dogs in a city or State or country are killed holds little water.

For one thing, nowhere has such a venture succeeded. For another, with all dogs killed, dogs from other areas will move in. For dogs are territorial. Those living in one area will not allow dogs from other areas to come in.

That is why one notices that each area has its own resident stray canines with very rare additions to their ranks. With sterilized and vaccinated dogs returned to their areas keeping unsterlised and unvaccinated dogs out, the authorities implementing the ABC programme can progressively move into other areas leaving each to be guarded by sterilized and vaccinated dogs Proceeding area by area they can cover an entire city or country within a pre-fixed period--returning only occasionally to areas already covered to take care of sundry unsterilised and unvaccinated dogs that might have sneaked in.

If strays from an area, say A, are killed or relocated—released in another area of put in dog pounds—stray dogs from other areas will take their place. Those conducting the ABC programme will then have to return to A, where the newcomers, with no other takers for the resources of the area, will have proliferated rapidly, and begin neutering all over again. Indeed, the experience of A will be repeated in all other areas and the exercise of sterlising and vaccinating stray dogs will have to be carried on indefinitely with no end in sight. No ABC programme can succeed if neutered and vaccinated dogs are not released in the places from which they had been picked up.

There is also another aspect. Stray dogs that are familiar with their surroundings, know who is a friend and who is not, what spells danger, places where food and shelter are available, and have referral households that support them, are at peace with their environment. In contrast, stray dogs moving into a new area are often aggressive because they are under attack form local dogs, cannot distinguish between friend and foe, do not know where they can find food and shelter and are hence always on the edge.

Besides, the ABC programme itself lowers the aggression level in dogs and bitches. Since sterilized bitches do not come on heat, fights among dogs over bitches, which raise their aggression levels, do not occur during mating seasons when they are most frequent. This drastically reduces the number of instances in which a higher level of aggression leads to a greater intolerance of provocation and biting of people. Also, since sterilized bitches do not litter, one does not witness the rise in their aggression level that occurs when they are guarding their puppies against threats—which are many, given the way in which humans treat animals.

Significantly, many get bitten when they teasing, hitting or trying to take away puppies. Most people who oppose the ABC programme do not know the rationale behind it or the way it works. They feel it is fruitless because sterilized and vaccinated dogs are back in their localities. There is decline but it occurs gradually as sterilized dogs live out their biological spans of life.

It is relevant here to look at the experience of Jaipur where the ABC programme, started as a pilot project in by an NGO, Help in Suffering, was expanded to cover the entire city in According to Dr. Reece and Dr. One needs to explain to people the inevitability of the slow decline in numbers and the critical importance of having these dogs back, and the fact that no instant solution can be found for issues that have been with societies for centuries.

It's thoroughly illegal, savage and pointless

Over sixty years after Independence from British rule poverty still stalks this country despite the massive development efforts that have been undertaken. Stray dogs have existed in India ever since once can remember. The great epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata mention them. In the Mahabharata , a little brown dog appears from nowhere and began following the five Pandavas as they set forth from their capital of Hastinapur in their last journey along with their common wife, Draupadi.

The latter and four Pandavas fell dead as they climbed the slopes of Mount Meru on their way to heaven. Yudhishtira alone continued walking, followed by the dog.

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Suddenly, Indra, the king of Gods, arrived in his flying chariot and told Yudhishtira that his exemplary life had earned him the honour of entering heaven in his mortal body and he had come to take him. Yudhishtira refused to go without the dog. Not only that, he said that abandoning the dog, which had followed him all the way, and which would die without him, would be a sin worse than that of killing a Brahmin. This particularly needs to be noted because, in that age, this was perhaps the most dastardly crime possible!

The dog then transformed itself into Dharma, the God of Virtue, who said he was following the Pandavas in the form of the dog and this was his last test for Yudhishtira, who would not have been allowed into heaven if he had agreed to abandon a faithful companion who had followed him all the way. As the punishment—the crowning of the Sanyasin as the king of Kalinjar—stunned the courtiers, the dog explained that, under a curse by Lord Shiva, every king of Kalinjar was reborn as a dog!

Clearly, the presence of stray dogs, which is as old as the epics, cannot be ended in a day! While the effect of a sustained, area-wise implementation of the ABC programme takes time to be felt in terms of a reduction in the population of stray dogs, one can see it in the form of a decline in the number of human rabies cases. This is because neutering is accompanied by vaccination of stray dogs against rabies.

What was the effect of the incidents in Bangalore Bangalore had international ramifications. That is why there is hesitation about repeating it. I have a feeling that civil society in this country is dwindling.

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People are becoming more self-centered. Discourse is ceasing to be an important factor. Present society gives you a huge amount monetarily, but leaves you completely tensed and drained. As Eric Fromm said, we work like mad, and the rest of the time we spend recovering. So when we see television, we do not want to watch anything that challenges the mind.

My next book is Humankind on Road to Extinction. Wisdom is vanishing.

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So ability to cope with challenges that are bound to rise as society becomes more complex and technological is falling and a series of catastrophes will overtake us. How have different philosophies affected the issue The church evolved its theory of scholastic pattern of learning.

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There was a hierarchical ordering of knowledge, with God at the top. Faith over reason. Renaissance reversed the whole thing. But both said animals are excluded. Descartes said animals were like automata. We can do anything we like. So in the West, there was an exclusive, brutal attitude to animals. It is from above god created. Our philosophy had a very different attitude.

For us, life is god. In the west wolves have disappeared from central Europe, bisons from North America.

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What has happened is an evolution of a civilisation in the West that its muted its humanism. Man is the measure of all things, said Protagorus. I have said that has to be revived. We have to redefine humanism as humankind as a preserver and protector of all beings.